BICC 2023 – Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN)

BICC 2023

From September 16th to October 22nd 2023, the Barbados Chapter held its annual event, “Barbados International Coastal Cleanup (BICC).” During BICC this year, 18 beaches were cleared of marine debris by more than four hundred (400+) participants from as young as 5. Participants cleared 1828.03kgs of marine debris from our beaches with some unusual finds being: a car bumper, a gas bottle, a toilet seat, a tongue depressor, a car jack and hair extensions. This year the top 10 items of local concern are: Plastic/foam pieces (6,696), Plastic bottle caps (4,775), Plastic beverage bottles (3,190), Food wrappers (1,717), Construction material (1,538), Plastic plates & cups (1,026), Metal bottle caps (1,000), Glass beverage bottles (938), Foam packaging (936)

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