Plastics Drawdown Workshop – Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN)

Plastics Drawdown Workshop

The Government of Barbados in partnership with Common Seas is developing a Plastics Drawdown Roadmap for Barbados to assist with identifying the necessary policies and actions to significantly reduce the associated negative impacts of plastics pollution. In this regard, a workshop was held on September 20th 2023, where CYEN was represented by Shannon Weekes. During the workshop, it was disclosed that in 2021, nearly 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste was generated in Barbados which is ~ 0.14kg per person per day and from the data, it is projected that 4,174 tonnes of plastics will leak into Barbados’ environment yearly if policies/actions are not taken. Additionally, different approaches to tackle plastic pollution in Barbados were discussed and 2 roadmaps were drafted. These roadmaps will help create a draft action plan for Barbados and how it tackles plastic pollution. Barbados’ action plan will also have global relevance as it will feed into the global plastics treaty currently being developed.

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